Why Outlander Spoilers? *sticky post*

Why call my blog “Outlander Spoilers?” That’s both an easy and a difficult question to answer. The easy answer is that the title tells potential readers immediately: “here there be spoilers.”

The slightly more complicated answer is that I wanted a place where I felt “safe” to gleefully wallow in all that is the Outlanderverse. There is a vast quantity of recap blogs/videos/podcasts/photo blogs available to anyone who cares to look (I’ve linked to my favorites over on the Outlander-Related Links page). And nearly all of them make a determined effort to be spoiler free (at least through whatever episode of the show they’re recapping) or to flag spoilers for new fans.

I applaud those efforts, truly I do. And I realize that by embracing spoilers I am excluding newbies and narrowing my potential audience. But by refraining from spoilers, I decrease my own enjoyment, and, I feel, the enjoyment of long time readers. Also, the books have sold over 20 million copies. I feel fairly confident that many of the purchasers of those copies want to dig into book vs show and discuss possible ramifications of changes as much as I do.

Another thing I want to do is not strictly recap the episodes. Summary does not equal analysis! Some of the summaries out there are hilarious, but I’m interested in analysis and making connections. So I may skip sections if I don’t have anything to say. If you have something to say about sections I skip, leave a comment! I want to talk with you about it.

So that’s why I’m here, and why I think I’m putting out a unique perspective in the veritable sea of recaps and reviews.

PS- if you’re just here to find out what might happen in Season Three, I have a page about that! Go to: Season Three Speculation to see what I think they’re going to do with the next season.

PPS- lots of my traffic is from people looking for book nine spoilers. No one has those yet, except Diana Gabaldon. I can say that I’m fairly sure that the Battle of Kings Mountain and the Battle of Cowpens are going to feature heavily, so it may be worth reading about those.  The Overmountain Men hiked over Roan Mountain, where Jamie and Claire live, just before the Battle of Kings Mountain. The Battle of Cowpens was fought by Dan Morgan, a recurring real world character in the series, against another regular series antagonist, Banastre Tarleton. So I’m pretty confident those two battles are in Jamie’s, and probably William’s, future. If you want “real” spoilers, look up the hashtag “daily lines” or “book nine” on Facebook, or check out the Outlander section of the CompuServ forums. Diana posts snippets from her work in progress. 

EDIT JULY 2016 – We have a title for book nine! It’s going to be called Go Tell the Bees that I Am Gone. Diana explained the title on her Facebook page thus: “It’s a very old Celtic custom (known in other parts of Europe, too) that made it to the Appalachians. You always tell the bees when someone is born, dies, comes or goes–because if you don’t keep them informed, they’ll fly away.”

Side note- my family is actually from Roan Mountain. My grandfather grew up in a cabin on the mountainside. It made me so happy when I realized where the Ridge was, geographically!

Note: I have read all of the main series books, the Lord John novels, and all of the short stories. I may, at any point, reference all of the above as well as any of the Starz show episodes that have aired to date.

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