Speculations – Season Two Episode Breakdown

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It has been a while. I meant to do more posts during the hiatus, but my real life and my own writing have taken precedence. Now there are only seven weeks until the second half of season one starts, so it’s time to get back in the habit of blogging. Between now and then, I’ll do commentary blogs on the teasers, extended scenes, and trailers that have been released as part of droughtlander, and I still want to track the evolution of Jamie and Claire’s relationship over the first eight episodes in a post. I also updated my blog post about the breakdown of the second half of season one. The big change was the addition of the titles that have been released, but I made a few tiny changes to my predictions, too.

But to get things rolling with a new post, I’m going to speculate about season two!

So all we know at this point is that Starz requested 13 episodes for season two. That’s three fewer than this season (although they may ask for more). The question is, how will Ron Moore et al decide to structure their season? From what I can tell from Matt B Robert’s twitter feed, they are already breaking the season and have started writing.

If I were in the writer’s room, I would have two big questions that need to be answered before deciding how to break the season.

EDIT Jan 2016: This question has probably been answered by the fact that they *just* cast Roger and haven’t announced Brianna yet. But they could always be planning to film the 1960s stuff at the end and still put it into the 1st episode. We don’t have an air date yet, so they’ve still got time. 

The first and most important: should the series keep up the 1740s story and run straight through until Culloden, then end the season with a few episodes in 1968? Or is it better to follow the book’s structure of using the 20th century as a framing device?

EDIT: The following question has become moot, since a different actor has been cast for Alex. But he looks similar enough to Tobias to make my breakdown still function. 

The second question: do they actually have Tobias Menzies play Alex Randall? This, I think, is a vitally important question that must be answered before you can start to pull apart the story and restructure it as episodes. Because, if you don’t have him play Alex, things start making less sense. The resemblance between all three men is supposed to be very striking. Alex is possibly the least similar simply because he is younger, but he is, after all, Frank’s true ancestor. So if they don’t cast Tobias, you have to ask if they will follow the books in that respect at all. Do they make BJR Frank’s direct progenitor? How does that change what happens in Paris? Do they cut Alex from the story entirely? If so, what about Mary? What about all of the stuff in Edinburgh?

To make my life easier, I’m going to assume that they will follow the books, both in the bookended story structure and having Tobias play all three Randalls so we can keep Alex’s story intact. Tobias isn’t going to have much, if anything, to do as Frank in this season. Claire has a few memories of what happened when she got back in 1948, but that’s it. They will have to do some tricky camera work to have him interact with himself as Alex and Jack, but that isn’t exactly unprecedented.

So. A 13-episode breakdown of Dragonfly in Amber, following the books pretty closely:

Episode 201 – Through A Looking Glass Darkly

I would condense all of the stuff from part one into this first episode. It’s a nice episode for montage, anyway, with all of the research bits and various travels into the Scottish countryside. It’s hard to decide which parts to keep, but you obviously need to have the first scene, where Claire and Bree visit Roger, and you need to have the scene where he visits Lallybroch. You also need the scene where Bree and Roger go to Culloden, and then the one in the garage since that’s where Roger finds the Reverend’s notebook that gives him the information about Bree’s parentage. Fiona will be there, although perhaps not quite so intrusively as she is in the book, since her flirtation with Roger isn’t really important in terms of the overall story.

Honestly, I think you can cut most of the stuff with Bree and Claire, and the several visits to the manse. Maybe keep the part where Claire wakes up from her erotic dream of Jamie and whispers, “You are so like him” to her sleeping daughter.

I would end the episode at St. Kilda’s, in the graveyard, with Claire collapsing on Jamie’s tombstone.

Episode 202 – The Pretenders

I would start this episode with the briefest of scenes in the manse, with Claire explaining the truth about what happened at the stones. We would open in medias res, so that you don’t bore the viewer with an overview of things they already know from last season. Instead, I’d start with her telling them about the Abbey, and then flash to the 18th century.

There, we’d get Abbott Alexander telling them Charles is in Paris, and then maybe montage some of the journey to Le Havre. There, we’ll get morning sickness and sex, and then break Claire’s perspective and follow Jamie to meet with Jared. Then back to Claire, then to the ship in the harbor. I’m tempted to say that they should pad this episode out with more direct conflict with Le Comte, but it may be enough just to do the plague ship. The episode should definitely end with the plague ship being destroyed.

Episode 203 – Royal Audience

This episode would be all about the Fraser’s introduction to the Court. We’d see a little bit with Jared because they need to introduce Mary’s uncle (and the subsequent conversation Claire and Jamie have about Frank, and Jamie being reassured that BJR is dead), but it would focus on the parties. There would have to be some kind of episode conflict, probably using the Comte since he also appears at society events. But this is where we’d see the King’s levee, Claire puking in the fountain, Raymond’s apothecary shop, Jamie’s story about dueling over Annalise de Merriac, and Alex Randall. I’d move the bit with Alex to the end of the episode, so it leaves the audience assuming it’s BJR. Of course, that only works if, as I said, they cast Tobias as Alex. (Edit: or maybe have them do a hazy dream-effect, and then at the beginning of the next episode, it clears to reveal the new actor.)

Episode 204 – L’Hopital des Anges

We open on Alex, and the realization that he is not BJR. Then I would have the scene where Claire dreams of Frank, and have her and Jamie’s talk afterward. Then we’d have the party where she meets Herr Gerstmann and he suggests she go to L’Hopital des Anges. The conflict in the episode will start with Jamie forbidding her to go, and then we’ll get the encounter with Charles and the monkey, and Claire waxing with Louise de la Tour. I would move Jamie’s meeting with Fergus up a little bit, and have her tell him, if he’s going to be getting into so much trouble and allowing Fergus to put himself in danger, then he shouldn’t mind if she does what she is meant to do. He will acquiesce, and we’ll get the introduction of Mother Hildegarde and Bouton. This may also be a good place to put Jamie having to discipline Fergus – maybe on Claire’s first-ever trip to L’Hopital she refuses to leave and gets home late, and Fergus demands that Jamie punish him.

Episode 205 – Deceptions (NOTE – this is the episode that can be trimmed in order to expand the episodes focused on the Rising – the only really important bits are what they learn from the cipher and Claire’s poisoning)***

I would open this episode with a montage of Claire at L’Hopital des Anges, possibly with some intercutting to Raymond. Then have the scene with Louise’s illegitimate pregnancy, some action shots of Fergus stealing and returning letters (nice bits of tension- will he be caught?), Jamie bringing the cipher to Mother Hildegarde, Claire’s poisoning, and the implications that St. Germain is still out to get Claire. I would probably excise the bits with Mssr. Forez. He’s interesting, historically, but doesn’t do much for the plot. I’d probably get rid of the bit with Jamie and the whores, too. Not plot-relevant, and we don’t need the Claire/Jamie conflict. The end of Part Two in the book makes a great end to the episode- Claire feeling Faith for the first time.

Episode 206 – Malchance

This is just about the half-way point, and the whole of Part Three in the book makes a nice episode. It starts with Claire and Mary Hawkins being attacked, and ends with Jamie agreeing not to kill BJR until after he’s fathered the child that will one day be Frank’s ancestor. In the middle, we have the revelation that Claire is Le Dame Blanche, the disastrous dinner party, Raymond acknowledging Claire’s skill as a healer (help to heal) and trading information for the true story of the party, Jamie and Claire encountering BJR at Sandringham’s, Dougal in Paris, Claire getting BJR arrested, and then the awful scene between Claire and Jamie when she begs him not to kill BJR for Frank’s sake.

Episode 207 – The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men

I can’t decide if this episode should bother including the bit at the stud farm. It would be hilarious to watch Fergus with the stable boys and the horse, but they don’t get that much info there. So it might be better to go straight into planning to hijack the wine ship with the fake smallpox outbreak. There would have to be a little bit in here about how they know about the wine venture, but that’s easily explained by Fergus’s letter thefts. ((Assuming the previous episode was trimmed, there also needs to be at least some hint about the cipher promising money for landing on English soil – that becomes relevant at the end of the book, and very relevant in Voyager)). Something less random would have to draw Jamie to the whorehouse where he sees BJR raping Fergus. It needs to be something associated with their plot against Charles, something that will really make Jamie think that what’s happening is his fault. Then the episode ends with him and BJR dueling, and Claire collapsing in a pool of blood as she miscarries.

Episode 208 – The Coming of the Light

This episode has a lot of ground to cover. We have to get from Raymond healing Claire, to Fontainebleau, to Claire’s deal with Louis to get Jamie out of the Bastille, to the wizard’s duel and the supposed death of Saint Germain, to Jamie and Murtagh’s successful sea venture, to Jamie’s return to Claire. I would end it with her lie – that she didn’t have sex with Louis – but I would make sure that the audience already knows that it is a lie. It isn’t playing fair with the reader in the book when Claire lies to us, too.

Episode 209 – “I Am Come Home”

Start with Jamie and Claire reconciling in France (from part four), but probably skip the cave. It’s interesting and beautiful, but not plot-relevant. Montage to Scotland, and then the little bits of daily life at Lallybroch. Rabbie’s seizures, Ian and Jamie’s difficulty after Jamie tells Ian about BJR, and end with the letter from Charles and the Bill of Association, and Jenny telling Jamie to ask Ian to come. The Ian/Jamie conflict would be the driving force of the episode. ((NOTE – this is also a place where trimming could happen. If so, the battle of Prestonpans would end the episode.))

Episode 210 – The Flames of Rebellion

This episode would definitely have the infamous encounter between Jamie and young Lord John, and I think it would be best to go through the battle of Prestonpans, intercut from Jamie’s PoV and Claire’s. Then, it would have to segue to Edinburgh, and Colum and Dougal’s arrival. Colum dies, and Claire makes her deal with BJR for information. The episode ends with Charles sending Jamie to Beuly. ((If the earlier episode is trimmed, there is more time to expand on BJR and the MacKenzies.))

Episode 211 – The Stuart Witch

Again, lots of ground to cover. Highlights: Jamie eventually gets his Fraser family’s support, but is incensed when the Old Fox wants to take credit for the Lallybroch men. I would probably skip the part where they go back to Lallybroch, and just have them go back to Edinburgh and find the men in the Tollgate. I’d cut the bit where Jamie and Simon go to talk to Charles, maybe the whole bit where the men are imprisoned. Honestly, I would cut the whole section with Lovat, if not for that important line – “One Fraser from the Master of Lovat’s regiment…”) Claire encounters Mary, and Jamie and BJR become unwilling allies over Alex and Mary’s unborn child (Damn all Randalls!). I am fairly certain that the night of Alex’s death is also the night Claire got pregnant with Brianna, so there will probably be sex. Then the episode has to end with the battle of Falkirk, Rupert’s death, and Claire in the hands of the English.

Episode 212 – “Sing Me a Song of a Lass That Is Gone”

It’s too complicated to get Claire all the way to Sandringham’s estate, so I would just say that he’s taken over a local Scottish estate and Claire is brought directly there, along with Mary (who BJR has sent back to her family, although she is now protected by his name). Then the events cascade, leading to Hugh Munro’s death, Murtagh killing Sandringham for what happened in Paris, Jamie killing Dougal over Claire, signing the Deed of Sasine and sending it to Lallybroch with Fergus, then Jamie and Claire marking each other in the croft and Claire’s flight through the stones. ((see note below for how trimming would affect this episode))

Episode 213 – Hindsight

Brianna refuses to believe, but Roger is convinced. The changed wedding ring will come into play here, because it isn’t going to be engraved, and it won’t allow for that moment of absolute sorrow from Claire. Of course, it’s rather unlikely that a surgeon would never have removed her rings in twenty years, but I whistle past that when I read the books. In any case, Claire will present Roger with the choice to try and save Gillian Edgars. Of course he tries (and they fail), but in the process, Claire proves irrevocably to Roger and Bree that time travel is possible. The season ends with Roger quoting the line about the “officer from the Master of Lovat’s regiment” who survived. “He meant to die on Culloden Field,” Roger whispered. “But he didn’t.”


If the decision is not to use the framing device, then all of the episodes get shifted. What I listed as 201 would become 212, and 202 would become 201. If the decision is not to use Tobias as Alex, that would cause subtle shifts in the way things are shot and written, and how much you can get away with in regard to the physical similarities. Does Tobias have a brother that acts? Or a very similar-looking cousin?

***Another thing I noticed while breaking out the episodes is that, like Diana, I spent a lot more time with episodes in France than I did with the actual Rising. It may be better for the show to shift things a little more and devote another episode to the ’45. Some of the court intrigue and plotting can go, and I marked the episode where pretty much everything can be cut or at least slipped into another episode (For example: is it really important that Mother Hildegarde solves the Goldberg Variation cipher? They could just get that info from a stolen letter). Also, although I love the quieter moments and character development at Lallybroch, that can be trimmed, too. Those cuts would allow for more time with the MacKenzie brothers and BJR’s deal with Claire, as well as providing a whole extra episode to split between dealing with the Frasers at Beuly and BJR marrying Mary Hawkins. I would call that episode “Damn All Randalls.” The existing episode 211 would then start at Falkirk. Everyone loves Rupert, and we need to have some time to grieve his death in the church. But then I stand by Claire’s capture and transport to Sandringham needing to happen much more quickly than in the book, and I would end the episode with Sandringham’s death. Then the final episode of the 1740s section would start with the party’s arrival at Culloden House, and end with Claire going back to Craigh na Dun.

I’m actually way happier with that breakdown, but I’ll leave my initial thoughts up since they follow the book a little more closely.

Whenever we get an episode order for Voyager, I’ll break that down, too. Although I would actually like to see Voyager as two seasons of twelve episodes. One season for before C & J are reunited, and one for after.

What do you think of my episode breakdown? What would you do differently? There are all kinds of things that could probably be cut, and characters that can be conflated. Leave a comment with your ideas.

Theory – Season 1, pt 2 Episode Breakdown (using book plot points)

This week, I’m posting my theory for the season one part two episode breakdown, based on plot points from the books.

EDIT – Post now updated with the episode titles! I’ve made a few tiny changes to my predictions, but I think I’m still pretty spot-on. The only real wildcard is that we’ll be getting Jamie’s PoV. That’s information even book readers don’t have, because The Exile ends after Claire chooses not to go back through the stones. We’ve already seen stuff in the trailers like duels and more stuff with the MacKenzie brothers, so who knows how that might affect things.

EDIT #2 – I am not going to update this post as the season progresses. After episode 112 airs, I will do a second post talking about things I guessed right and wrong, and updating my predictions for the final four episodes.

109 – The Reckoning

  • Jamie will bluff his way into BJR’s office and he and Claire will escape
  • J&C face the fallout from everything that happened in 108. In the books, there is a big argument, then the strapping, and then reconciliation, while they are still on the road. But the rumor I’ve heard is that the show is going to conflate all of that into the rough sex at Leoch. And I’m not sure how I feel about that. (see my last post about Jamie and Claire as of 108)

Other things that will happen either in this episode or the next:

  • Some kind of altercation with Laoghaire
  • Father Bain and the dog pack?
  • Hamish and Jamie talk about the birds and bees?
  • Claire helps birth a foal? (might be cut; but the jet rosary will probably show up anyway)
  • Claire overhears Colum and Dougal talking about Dougal knocking someone up
  • Geillis and Claire will have some kind of interaction – it won’t be the changeling, because they cut that. And it probably won’t be the opium interrogation until the next episode

Somewhere in between these two episodes, we need to have a lot of time pass. In the books, it is something like four months. Claire goes through the stones on May 1st, marries Jamie around mid-June, and the witch trial is on her birthday in late October. So if we assume that the witch trial happens around Jamie’s birthday instead, we’ve got about the same amount of time that needs to pass. Alternatively, they could place the witch trial around Imbolc (in February) or the Vernal Equinox in March.

110 – By the Pricking of My Thumbs

  • The Duke of Sandringham arrives
  • Geillis interrogates Claire under the influence of opium
  • Geillis murders Arthur
  • Jamie leaves to hunt with the duke
  • Laoghaire tricks Claire into going to Geillis
  • Confessions in the thief’s hole
  • The witch trial (EDIT- I’ve changed my mind about this due to episode titles)

I would end this episode with Jamie riding up on Donas, similar to the way they ended 108. So we know he’s there, but there’s still a great deal of jeopardy. I now think they will end the episode in the thief’s hole, with Claire admitting she loves Jamie. They may or may not do the bit with Ned Gowan arriving to stall the church examiners in this episode. If they’re going to do that at all, it would be better here, rather than in the next one, which needs to be all tension.

111 – The Devil’s Mark

  • EDIT – I now think the witch trial is going to happen entirely in this episode, or at minimum (as I said above) they will do the bit with Ned Gowan in the previous episode.
  • Jamie gets Claire out of the trial; Geillis reveals her pregnancy and Claire sees the smallpox vaccination scar
  • Claire confesses everything to Jamie
  • Jamie takes Claire to the stones
  • Claire chooses to stay
  • Jamie says “not begging you to stay was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Now I’ll do the second hardest thing.” And they set off for Lallybroch.

112 – Lallybroch (if the episode isn’t called that, it should be!) EDIT: Called it.

  • Jamie and Jenny fight about BJR
  • Jamie tells Claire “the final reason” he married her
  • Family stories
  • The soldiers come to the mill
  • Quarter-day
  • Confrontation with Ronald MacNab

I’m torn as to whether Quarter Day will happen in this episode or not. It almost makes more sense to have it happen in the same episode as the fall-out from Jamie’s actions, but either way one episode ends up with more “action” in it than the other.

113 – The Watch

  • Jamie and Claire talk about their next steps, now that Sandringham isn’t an option for Jamie’s pardon
  • Jenny gives birth
  • Ronnie MacNab betrays Jamie to the Watch
  • Jenny and Claire set off after Jamie
  • Murtagh catches up to the lassies; Claire tells Jenny to plant potatoes

114 – The Search

  • The Murtagh and Claire show travels north toward Beuly
  • The gypsies bring Claire to Dougal
  • Dougal gives the bad news- Jamie’s in Wentworth; he also propositions Claire
  • Claire convinces the MacKenzie men to help her rescue Jamie and they set off for Wentworth.
  • Claire goes to see Sir Fletcher
  • If they go for a cliffhanger, we’ll get all the way into the cell with Jamie and BJR in this episode. If not, this one will end with Claire getting ready to break into the prison.

115 – Wentworth Prison

  • The rescue attempt fails; BJR catches Claire in the act
  • Jamie bargains for Claire’s life
  • Claire fights the wolves? Probably not, since it will be summer?
  • Claire meets MacRannoch? Maybe?
  • Jamie is freed
  • Claire resets Jamie’s fingers? (I’m wondering if they won’t cut the whole breaking his fingers thing. It would be very, very difficult for Sam as an actor to remember not to bend his fingers ever again on screen. It’s also very hard to do on purpose – to keep those fingers held stiff and bend the others, I mean. I can’t see how he’d be able to do it consistently without a brace of some kind, and I don’t know how they would do that. So maybe he’ll still have the fingers broken, but Claire will be able to fix them. That’s a pretty big change- the stiff fingers are a marked physical characteristic of Jamie’s for the rest of the series, but it’s not like they can really break Sam’s fingers. That’s taking method acting a little too far.)
  • Claire, Jamie, and Murtagh make their escape to France
    • Will Claire have to kill the boy during the escape?

116 – To Ransom a Man’s Soul

  • Jamie tells Claire what happened with BJR.
  • Claire meets Father Anselm and discovers the vigil over the Blessed Sacrament
  • Jamie’s health and psychological state deteriorate
  • Claire confesses to Father Anselm; he absolves her and explains how he sees things, time-travel-wise.
  • Claire uses the opium-trance she learned from Geillis to force Jamie to relive his experiences with BJR-and this time, he fights back.
  • We may or may not see Jamie re-asserting his manhood via trips into the countryside naked, or their first sexual encounter post-assault, in Claire’s cot.
  • But we’ll definitely see them in the “womb of the earth,” and Claire will declare that they need to do what they can to stop the Rising – and that she’s pregnant.

Several suggestions have been made for how they might tease season two in the final scene. I like these two best:

  • Roger Mac is cleaning up the manse when the doorbell rings. On his doorstep are Claire and Brianna, and from their clothes and the cars outside it’s clearly the 60s. “Roger! My, how you’ve grown!” Claire says. Cut to black.
  • Frank is in his apartment in Oxford. There’s a woman in the background, maybe even in bed with him. The phone rings. “We’ve found your wife.” Cut to black.

As much as I’d like the first one, I think they might go with something more like the second. As far as I know, they haven’t cast Roger or Bree yet, and while they have six months to cast and shoot that little scene, I’m not sure they will. They can still open season two that way. I like the idea of leaving it with Frank. It tells the audience that something is going to happen that sends Claire back to the 20th century, but doesn’t leap all the way to Bree and Roger. It also gives us a little more information about what Frank was up to between 1945 and 1948. We know that he has moved on when Claire shows back up again. I think she even says in the books that she knew he’d been with someone else. And of course she counts half a dozen mistresses over the next 18 years. So I think that would be interesting. At some point during the hiatus, I’m going to do a tentative episode breakdown for season two, based on the assumption of 12 episodes (which is what I think Starz ordered). But I want to re-read Dragonfly before I do that. So what do you think of my breakdown? Is there anywhere you would move things around? Maybe cut things differently? We know that the show has moved out of sequence before, and made additions, but they tend to hit the big plot points in order, so I feel fairly confident with my list. They may cut some things, but I don’t think they can do too much with the big stuff like the witch trial, Craigh na Dun, Lallybroch, Wentworth, and the Abbey.