Outlander-Related Links

My page is all about Outlander spoilers. If you are new to the Outlanderverse, there are a few recap options available for your reading/viewing/listening pleasure. Even if you aren’t new, all of these people are smart, funny, and astute viewers. They have very interesting things to say, and are well worth the time to check out.

Video recaps:

  • My Outlander Purgatory with Tracey and Carol (sometimes spoilers, but always noted)
  • That’s Normal (they reference the books, but try not to spoil, and often bring in non-readers)
  • Paste Magazine by Keri Lumm (brief and funny- the link goes to Keri Lumm’s page, but you can click into all of her Outlander reviews from there)


Photo Recaps:

  • Killing Time – atom1cflea’s tumblr
  • That’s Normal (same link as above, but in addition to the weekly video recap they also do the top ten moments and “Things My Husband Says During Outlander” for each episode)
  • Candida’s Top 30 Jamie faces per episode, with bonus Frank, Black Jack, and Dougal! – this is the same link as above, but you can go to the photo parts on the drop-down link that says “Jamie’s Lips.”

Podcasts (all of these are available on iTunes):

  • Sex and Whisky This vlog/podcast is from Lani Diane Rich, the Sassenach of the former Scot and the Sassenach podcast. It’s much shorter than her old podcast, but cuts straight to the heart of each episode. She won’t spoil what’s coming, but she does assume you’ve read the book of the current season.
  • The Outlander Cast with Blake and Mary Larsen (totally spoiler free, and hilarious to boot)
  • The Outlander Podcast with Ginger and Summer (for spoilers, they assume you have read at least through the book of the current season)

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