Speculations – What to Expect in Season Three



From the title sequence. I predict we’ll be spending at least 1-3 episodes in the 1960s.

I just spent some time trolling the internet for information from the producers about what  sorts of things we can expect in Season Three. All of this is speculation, because as of the time of the interviews the scripts weren’t finished yet.

Maril Davis said that they will probably keep to the 13 episode-per-season format, so when I post my Season Three speculation page (look for that next weekend), I’ll be breaking Voyager over 13 episodes. If they come back with a different number later, I’ll adjust.

A few points that have been mentioned:

In EOnline, it was stated that we will see what actually happens to Jamie at the Battle of Culloden. That leads me to believe we will actually see Murtagh and BJR’s deaths, and not have to wait three seasons (or so ) to find out what happened to Murtagh. But I am very curious to see what’s going to happen with BJR! Will they take a page from Game of Thrones and go their own way with Diana’s blessing/advice?

Maril also said that they plan to keep Jamie and Claire separated for a while, because they wanted us to really get the sense that 20 years have passed. That leads me to believe the first 2-3 episodes will follow Claire searching for Jamie in the 60s and then the episodes in Jamie’s life that they uncover through their research (The Dunbonnet, Ardsmuir, Helwater). At least, that’s what I would do.

Ron Moore said in an interview that we would not see much of Bree and Roger next season. I think that  “not much” means just those first several episodes – if they follow the book, once Claire goes to the past we don’t get anything else from them (as I recall- it’s been a year since I re-read Voyager and I haven’t even skimmed it yet to do the episode breakdown). But they’ll definitely be back for season four!

Ron also said that the Frank/BJR role was pretty much done after this next season, and I am hoping that the way things stood between Bree and Claire over Frank is what we see, rather than more of Ron’s fanboying. Bree asked Claire if she ever loved Frank, which tells me that their relationship was quite cool indeed. If we get the flashbacks from the books, we’ll see the disastrous dinner party, Claire at medical school, Bree going to the office with Frank, and finally Frank’s death after telling Claire he’s going to take Bree away. They may decide to extrapolate some other things, but I wonder if they’ll go into the infidelity. I believe that they should, but that’s something that Ron may decide to either ignore or treat sympathetically.

In Maril’s Zap2It interview, she said: “There are certain things about Frank in Voyager that come out that he’s not so nice a guy. I don’t know if we’ll play those or not, because I think our Frank is a little different from book Frank.”

So, yeah. Possibly no infidelity. Possibly even no taking Bree away, although they’ll have to write in a different circumstance surrounding his accidental death.

We will definitely get Young Ian! Maril says she’s excited to see him. I am wondering if they will cast someone who is older but who can play younger, so that he can “grow up” over the next few seasons and won’t need to be recast. Although I suppose that his sojourn with the Mohawk is a good time to recast if need be – have the younger actor be there, and then an older actor returns.

So that’s all for now. I’m going to skim Voyager this week and have a speculative episode breakdown ready for next weekend. Then I’m going to try and finish up my attempt to track Jamie and Claire’s relationship throughout the series. That’s going to be much harder to do in Season Two (or much easier), because we simply didn’t see much of them together.

After I finish that, I’m going to post a re-read of Outlander, Dragonfly in Amber, and Voyager. The blogs for the first two books will include my thoughts about why adaptive choices were made for the TV show. The blogs for the third book will include my thoughts about how they might adapt the material for the show. I have no idea how long that will take, but I’m assuming it’s going to go through the fall at least. Then I may or may not continue with the other books in the series, just to have something going up on this site until Droughtlander is over!


Vanity Fair does a good job of summing up the various interviews about Season Three here.

3 thoughts on “Speculations – What to Expect in Season Three

  1. I’m very much looking forward to reading your ‘Voyager’ re-read. I’ve just finished it and am seriously considering leaving the series here. It’s tied up nicely and I don’t feel ravenously compelled to keep following their story. I loved it so much, of course, but I just feel it’s lost some of its magic.

    I felt like ‘Outlander’ and ‘DiA’ were more character-driven (DiA less so, but still), but the crazy contrivances of Voyager got to me, especially the last chapter or so, seriously those two are magnets for bad luck.

    Anyway, I don’t mean to leave my own book review here, but I am keen to read your thoughts, maybe it will colour my impressions in a slightly more positive light.

    As always, thanks for a brilliant blog!
    x A


    • My Outlander journey is a little odd, because I read the first book as a senior in high school, and then got upset at the beginning of Dragonfly when 20 years had passed and even if Jamie and Claire ever got back together they would be “old.” (Recall that I was 17 at the time). So I put the book down and didn’t pick it back up again until years later, after the audiobooks were available. Davina Porter’s performance is what drew me through the series, even when the story lagged. If you do audiobooks at all, I highly recommend them.

      Also, I was pretty much in love with Roger already, so I wanted to keep going to see more about him. 🙂

      But I respect your decision to stop at Voyager. After this, the series becomes much more fractured, with lots of characters and different PoVs and instead of having a strong story arc, they become much more episodic (that trend is visible even as far back as Outlander, but it comes into full flower in Drums of Autumn).

      But with all of that said, I still think the later books are worth it. I hope you’ll end up agreeing and continue!


    • Hi there, I considered leaving the series after Voyager too mostly because I almost couldn’t take what I viewed as borderline racism in the way some of the characters and situations were portrayed but I ended up enjoying the later books a lot! I liked their pace (which some people think is glacial) and the historical focus of the vignettes, and I really liked the way the C & J relationship evolved. So maybe give ‘Drums’ a try and see how you feel?


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