Speculation – Seasons Three AND Four!!

Happy Outlander Day everyone! We received the news today that Outlander has been renewed for two more seasons!

The only hitch is that the press release mentioned they would be drawing from both Voyager and Drums of Autumn. If you’ve been following my blog, you know that I think Voyager needs to be two seasons. But we don’t know yet how many episodes were ordered (I didn’t see that in the release, anyway – if someone has seen that information, please comment and let me know!), so it is possible that we’re getting longer seasons as well. If we have, say, 16-18 episodes per season, we could get at least partway through Drums by season four.

I can also see them trimming down Claire and Jamie’s separation and focusing more on what happens once Claire returns to the 1700s. I think that it’s important to spend a few episodes apart, but if there’s an episode for The Dun Bonnet, an episode for Ardsmuir, and an episode (or maybe two) for Helwater, that should do it. Then they have the rest of the season to do Edinburgh/smuggling, return to Lallybroch/Laoghaire, the seal’s cove/Young Ian, and finally their departure for the West Indies. If it were me, I would end season three there. But they may go all the way through until we see Geillis again.

Either way, that leaves plenty of room for season four to see them through the early days in North Carolina, meeting with Jocasta, and finally reaching the Ridge. It would be a very nice endpoint to get them there, just in case we don’t get a season five. And they can film two endings – if there’s a renewal, then in the last episode Bree finds the article about the Big House burning and goes back. If not, we wrap things up and she and Roger get to be happy together in the 60s.

I will do a full breakdown of my predictions (episode-by-episode, like I did for season two), during the hiatus, assuming that they make public how many episodes have been ordered.

No matter what, though, I am super excited!!

This concludes your unusual mid-week blog post from Outlander Spoilers!

5 thoughts on “Speculation – Seasons Three AND Four!!

  1. I had a ridiculous smile the whole day.
    I really do hope they will clean up some of the more troublesome, to me, aspects of Voyager, like the depiction of Mr. Willoughby…


    • Yeah, Mr. Willoughby is super problematic. If they decide to keep him, I hope they do a lot of research and try to respect the ethnicity and culture. Because the production team have already proven that they like easy gags, and he would be a terrible temptation.


      • It wouldn’t fly this day and age but yeah I guess you never know…

        I think DG has justified Mr. Willoughby as a way out of BookJamie extreme seasickness but I never understood that. I kept thinking about what cousin Jared said, that Jamie would feel better once in the open seas, and it would have been so much better!!

        I’m also hoping they get rid of a lot of passages involving the murderous reverend, the slave rebellion, and other assorted things that made me cringe and/or felt racist.

        You’d think I don’t like the books — but I do!! And I’m really looking forward to seeing more of Caitriona and Sam’s amazing performances.


  2. Hey, sharing a few thoughts that have been swirling in my head re. S3… I wonder how they will deal with the ‘search’ for Jamie in the 60s (whether he survived Culloden and whether he’s alive somewhere). The opening scenes show what seems to be Claire driving down the road to Lallybroch, a roofless Lallybroch no less (makes me so sad!) so maybe that’s where she will see the fake burial stone with Jamie’s name on it rather than St Kilda? Or they could go a totally different direction and make her find something in Lallybroch that implies he lived (like something left in the priest hole??) than they start the search in earnest. Also I’m sure they will make parallels with the search for Jamie in ‘The Watch’ somehow.
    And I think they will reunite C&J pretty fast, like in episode 2, because they will be concerned non book reader viewers will bail if that doesn’t happen soon enough. If you think about it a lot of Ardsmuir/Helwater could be explained later on as kinda in flashbacks/when Jamie tells it to Claire. Unfortunately I think they will spend more time than needed in the marriage to L’eery!!


    • Roofless Lallybroch always makes me sad, too. I don’t know how they’ll deal with the search. I think it will depend on whether they do the reunion in the first or second episode, or whether they stretch things out. Not knowing how many episodes we’re getting makes it hard to predict. Although I hope they give plenty of time to Jamie’s life in the 1750s, if only in flashbacks. I know I’m in the minority, but I love that part of the book. Claire’s 1950s and 60s flashbacks, not so much. But Jamie’s, yes. I suppose this is where it becomes clear that I am a gigantic Lord John fan and immediately devour anything about him. 🙂 But the show, like the books, is about J & C, so I’ll understand if he gets trimmed down a good bit.

      Let’s not even discuss Jamie’s ill-fated second marriage. I try not to contemplate that!


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